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Beard Laser Removal

Beard Laser Removal

Beard Laser Removal

Beard Laser Removal

    Have you ever considered a permanent hair or beard removal? There are many reasons why men may opt for permanent beard removal over the classical practice of shaving on a regular basis. Let’s see how you can do it and which riscs are given.

Reasons to get rid of your beard

    The first is that shaving can be a tedious experience for many men who wish to be or need to be cleanly shaven every day. Men who fall into this category include office workers who for a showing of stubble in the workplace is not acceptable. There only choice is shaving every day or grow some form of beard that needs regular grooming.

    Male to female transgender people (MTF) may also choose to have permanent hair removal. They have made the choice to live out the rest of their lives as women and they want to be accepted as such. Permanent beard removal can eliminate the beard shadow that the growth of stubble creates. That makes it much easier for MTF’s to be accepted as women.

    Others who may opt for permanent beard removal include women who due to an excess of male hormones grow very noticeable hair on their upper lip and chin. And men who suffer from a form of the disorder that makes them believe that hair growth is unclean and must be removed.

Methods of beard removal

There are various methods of permanent beard removal with varying recorded degrees of success. These include:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Hair removal systems
  • Natural Methods
  • Electrolysis

    Electrolysis is a method used that destroys the growth centre of the hair using chemical or heat energy. A fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle and the hair removed with tweezers. It can be a painful process but your electrologist should be able to give you a topical anesthetic if you need it. The number of sessions you will require will vary from person to person and each session should last between fifteen minutes to an hour.

    Laser hair removal uses a powerful laser or intense pulse light (IPL) to remove unwanted hair. It works by heating and destroying hair follicles in the skin. Again this can be a painful process described as feeling like having a rubber band slapped against your face. Your practitioner, however, will usually ease this by applying cool air spray or gel to the area being treated. The number of sessions needed varies and each session will last fifteen minutes to an hour.

    Hair removal systems vary but they generally work by shrinking hair roots which stops them in their tracks and prevents hair regrowing. Instructions for use all depend on the product which you are using and the time scale of success in stopping hair growth is product dependent too. Whilst there is a lot of uncertainty around hair removal systems they do come with the benefit of being pain-free.