IV Vitamin therapy for whitening skin, Slimming Treatment Chiang Mai

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facial slimming

facial slimming Chiang Mai

facial slimming

   Do you want a slimmer looking, more oval shape to your face instead of an angular looking jawline? With the modern worlds focus on image and attractiveness people are striving to achieve the perceived perfect face shape. Many cultures prefer a feminine, oval or heart shaped face for a female. While the stereotypic ideal for a male is a classical strong angular, square jawline.
   There are many treatments available to achieve a slimmer more oval looking face including surgical options such as the ‘V-line’ maxillofacial surgery. This procedure is self-explanatory, it reshapes the face from a U-shape to a V-shape using surgical methods. If the thought of surgery is scary then there are other options available to you. To achieve a visually slimmer jawline we offer a non-surgical medical treatment that can be tailored to your individual needs. This treatment is non-invasive with no downtime and minimal discomfort. It is also a less expensive option than surgery.

Top 5 most popular for facial slimming at Primadonna Clinic

1. Muscle breakdown Injection

        Many people have heard of this miraculous treatment for wrinkles and expression lines, but what is Muscle breakdown Injection? It is actually the trade name for a substance injected into the skin which is known to inhibit muscle movement and prevent wrinkles developing or worsening.
        The name Muscle breakdown Injection or Botulinum toxin actually comes from the word “ botulous ” meaning sausage. This is because the substance is actually related to a naturally occurring poison, occasionally found at dangerous levels in bad meat products which can paralyze and kill. It has been described as “the most poisonous substance known” but certain varieties in minute purified doses have been discovered to actually perform a safe and useful function.
        Our experienced medical clinicians can slim the face and jaw, by relaxing the master muscle. Facial slimming will appear at 6 weeks and can also help reduce teeth grinding or jaw clenching (TMJ)
        Wrinkle relaxers help slim the face by relaxing the overactive jaw muscle that cause the appearance of strong, 'square-like' jaw muscles.

2. Meso-fat

        MESO FAT & LIFT is Injection for lipolysis and cellulite elimination with body shape firming up.
      Meso Fat is the lipolysis and cellulite elimination program. Wherever you want to get injected such as; face, under eyes or body. Injecting vitamin into fat layer to stimulate the collected fat to be excreted into liquid and eliminated from body as urine or feces. Moreover, it helps firming up the sagging skin to be in proper shape, decreasing cellulite without surgery.
- Decrease collecting of fat and cellulite
- You can choose specific area to get treatment; face, under eyes or body
- Stimulate the collected fat to be excreted into liquid and eliminated as urine or feces
- Firm up sagging skin to be in shape and smoother
- Decrease cellulite
- No surgery procedure

Meso fat is used to:
1. remove fat in areas like the stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips, legs, arms, and face
2. reduce cellulite
3. fade wrinkles and lines
4. Tighten loose skin
5. recontour the body
6. lighten pigmented skin
7. treat alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss
3. Thread lift
        A thread lift is a type of procedure wherein temporary sutures are used to produce a subtle but visible "lift" in the skin. Instead of removing the patient's loose facial skin surgically, the cosmetic surgeon simply suspends it by stitching up portions of it. This has the effect of pulling the skin back slightly and therefore lifting and tightening the face. In addition to being ideal for lifting the skin, threads combat aging in another way: by provoking the body's "healing response" and causing the body to direct large surges of collagen to treated areas. This is important because of the vital role collagen plays in the aging process.
       Collagen helps support "growth factors" that greatly influences the condition of our skin. In addition to being used for wound healing, collagen helps to keep our skin strong, voluminous and supple. As we get older, our bodies gradually produce less and less collagen, which leads to an 80% reduction in skin thickness by about age 70. This loss of volume and strength is a large factor in the creation of excess skin and wrinkles. As the skin grows weaker, it's no longer able to support the tissues beneath it adequately, meaning that gravity pulls it downwards and stretches it. Infusing the skin of the face with fresh collagen when the signs of skin laxity are still mild can help to both reduce looseness (by thickening and hydrating the skin) and prevent it from getting worse (by strengthening the skin).

Which areas can be treated?
- Upper and lower cheeks
- Foreheads (brow lift)
- Jawline, Neck
- Naso-labial folds (nose to mouth lines)
- Marionette lines (corners of the mouth)
- Arms
- Buttocks
- Abdomen

4. Hifu therapy

     High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) in Chiangmai is a relatively new cosmetic treatment for skin tightening that some consider a noninvasive and painless replacement for face lifts. It uses ultrasound energy to encourage the production of collagen, which results in firmer skin.
        HIFU is most widely known for its use in treating tumors. The first reported use of HIFU for aesthetic use was in 2008Trusted Source.
        HIFU was then approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2009 for brow lifts. The device was also cleared by the FDA in 2014 to improve lines and wrinkles of the upper chest and neckline (décolletage).
        Several small clinical trials have found HIFU in Chiangmai to be safe and effective for facial lifting and refining wrinkles. People were able to see results in a few months after treatment, without the risks associated with surgery.
        While the procedure is also used for overall facial rejuvenation, lifting, tightening, and body contouring, these are considered “off-label” uses for HIFU, meaning the FDA has yet to approve HIFU for these purposes.
      More evidence will be needed to find out who is best suited for this type of procedure. So far, HIFU has been found to be a promising treatment that could replace face lifts, especially in younger people who don’t want the risks and recovery time associated with surgery.
        HIFU won’t work as well for people with more severe cases of sagging skin.

- Wrinkle reduction
- Non-surgical facelifitng
- Correction of the facial shape
- Lifting of the cheeks
- Eyebrow lifting
- Lifting of frown and forehead lines
- Lifting of nasolabial folds
- Chin reduction
- Lacrimal sac reduction
- Tightening of the décolletage
- Skin-smoothing treatment post liposuction

5. Ulthera

         This is a non-surgical method of tightening the facial skin with the treatment principle of Precise Focused Ultrasound with Visualization (PFUV) which allows the doctors to see the layers of tissue they are treating ( like fetal ultrasound), ensuring that the treatment energy is delivered to where it will be most beneficial. The treatment combats natural sagging and damaging of the skin and significantly improves the appearance of the facial skin. Ulthera treatment helps lifting of the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) underneath the skin, and helps you achieve a fresher, more youthful look, with firm skin in treatment areas.

Knowing the skin layer structure to restore it directly.
        If you want to restore your skin to be firm again, a corrective method should be started directly to the point of defect and suitable for individual skin. Our skin has 3 main structure layers as follows:
1. Epidermis: this layer protects the skin from any harm such as sunlight, dirt or pollutions which we cannot see with our naked eyes.
2. Dermis: this layer produces fluids. It is highly flexible and dense because it is composed of sensory glands such as hair root, and hairs.
3. Subcutaneous Fat: this is a fat layer, composed of cells that are the source of body’s energy. It keeps out body warm and protects certain organs inside.

Which areas can be treated with Ulthera?
- All over the facial skin (not included face sides)
- All over the facial skin (included face sides)
- Sagging under the eyes
- Neck

Unique property of Ulthera
Ulthera is a new medical innovation for skin problem correction in a non-invasive manner; the risk of complications is consequently reduced. Ulthera consists of the following property:
1. Ulthera helps lift the skin with the problem of flabbiness, be it at the chin, neck, hand or any wrinkly area, to be smoother and tighter again.
2. Ulthera reduces wrinkles, and corrects drooping eyelids and eyebrows.
3. Ulthera adjusts the facial figure, to be finer and more fitted.
4. Ulthera provides more refreshed and younger skin from the eyebrows to the chest.
        Every property of Ulthera offers a result equal to a face lifting surgery. A smoother and tighter skin will be obviously seen with no slightest risk of injury. It is a new dimension