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Weight gain with fractures that cause anxiety

Weight gain with fractures that cause anxiety

Weight gain with fractures that cause anxiety


Stretch Mark Removal in Chiangmai

     Weight gain has many girls worried. Repetition also affects areas such as loss of confidence. It's still a major problem for girls to experience regularly.

     The stretch marks are caused by the elasticity of the skin without collagen production. When collagen is not enough, the skin will be destroyed and long fissures form. It can also be caused by other causes such as rapid weight gain, pregnancy, where these factors lead to weak skin fibers and dry, dehydrated skin. The most common areas for stretch marks are hips, calves, buttocks, abdomen, chest, upper arms, thighs.

ระวังรอยแตกลายตามตัวที่จะมาหลังจากการลดน้ำหนัก | สาระน่ารู้สร้าง  หุ่นดีสุขภาพดี การควบคุมอาหาร สร้างซิกแพค

      so There are several ways to reduce stretch marks in Chiang Mai. Primadonna Clinic Chiang Mai is ready to consult and be led by medical professionals to analyze and organize appropriate programs to match the individual's body and for the best results.





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