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Stretch Mark Removal in Chiangmai

Stretch Mark Removal in Chiangmai

Stretch Mark Removal in Chiangmai


Stretch Mark Removal in Chiangmai

  Stretch marks are skin-induced changes due to its internal micro-rupture due pregnancy, sudden weight loss, hormonal changes, and the skin over-exposure.

  We have accumulated and systematised a lot of experience in this area.

  Women are the most common cause of stretch marks after pregnancy and childbirth. Men also have stretch marks, they are often associated with professional sports.


1. Pregnancy, childbirth

2. Sudden changes in body weight

3. Hormonal changes in the body

4. Overdose of the skin

5. Hereditary predisposition

6. Use of anabolic substances and corticosteroids

  Stretch marks may be present at the age of 15. The tendency to stretch marks is genetically inherited.

  Typically, stretch marks do not pose a health risk, but they may be symptoms of serious illnesses, especially when stretch marks appear in adulthood.

  Stretch marks cause severe psychological discomfort and lower life quality, because they are unethical and difficult to conceal with anything other than clothing.

  Laser stretch mark removal can end up becoming quite costly, considering the fact that insurance doesn’t cover it. Still, there are some ways you can potentially reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

  First, talk to your provider about payment plans and discounts. Many offices offer no-interest financing for these types of procedures. Some medical spas even offer discounts for multiple sessions. Such offers vary by providers, so you may need to shop around.

  There’s also the possibility of manufacturer rebates. This can help offset a small fraction of the overall cost of treatment. Ask your provider if they know of any current rebate offers.