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Pigmentary conditions Removal

Pigmentary conditions Removal

Pigmentary conditions Removal

Pigmentary conditions Removal

Pigmentary conditions can be complex as it comes in varying types, hence determining an individual’s skin pigmentary disorder might prove challenging to the average person with an untrained eye. More often than not, there might also be an overlap of more than one pigmentary condition in some patients.

The common types of pigmentary conditions include:

  1. freckles
  2. melasma
  3. birthmarks

Asian and darker skin types frequently present with a treatment dilemma – combination of stubborn pigmentation and high risk of side effects from aggressive treatments. This is why pigmentation treatment needs to be very precise and occasionally multimodal.

Various pigmentation treatment options include:

  1. Correct identification of reversible factors – prevention is better than cure!
  2. Skincare for proper maintenance, pre and post-care.
  3. Medical procedures such as medical peels and lasers to help directly remove or hasten fading of pigmentation.
  4. Medications are sometimes required for certain types of pigmentation

The appropriate treatment starts with a correct diagnosis.

Pigmentation of different types and different skin layers respond best to different treatments, and it is a common misconception that lasers that penetrate deep into the skin can treat all types of pigmentation.

Laser treatments are extremely effective for treatment of freckles, and complete removal can be achieved in as little as one session, even though some individuals may require more than one session.

Results are permanent until you get exposed to too much UV radiation – most of our patients don’t develop any recurrence if they properly take care of their skin.

It’s a little-known secret that there actually different types of freckles! Not surprisingly, different freckle types are best treated with a different procedure – so if your freckles are not responding to treatment, it might be because of a suboptimal or wrong treatment.

Consult a doctor you trust, for treatment to be carefully customized according to your skin type and condition. I hope this answer helps you!