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5 Irritating Scalp Problems in Women!

5 Irritating Scalp Problems in Women!

5 Irritating Scalp Problems in Women!

5 Irritating Scalp Problems in Women!

   The scalp is an extension of our skin. While we slather all kinds of lotions and creams and pamper the skin over our faces and arms, we largely ignore the one under our hair. Bereft of proper care and nutrition, the effects start showing in forms of infections and diseases. There is nothing that can nudge your impression southwards swifter than flakes of dandruff on your shoulders or red rashes on your temple. Here is a look at some irritating scalp conditions in women.

1. Hair Loss

   All of us lose some amount of hair every day but when we lose hair at a pace faster than at which it can be regenerated is known as hair loss. It is one of the most common problems assailing women. Due to aging or certain biological factors like a recent childbirth, the hair begins to thin out first. The causes could be hereditary or due to stress as well. Mostly, it is because of low-quality hair products. Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, or later, you can suffer from hair loss at any stage. In most cases, women delay going to the dermatologist until it is too late. With medications are taken at the right time, the situation can be controlled.

2. Dandruff

   Another problem that women face is that of dandruff. The dead skin of the scalp flakes off and falls on the shoulders making an unwelcome sight. It can be due to medication, a fungal infection, seasonal or hormonal changes. The best bet is to regularly wash your hair with a medicated shampoo and you can also for natural ways to get rid of dandruff. If that doesn’t work, you will need to consult your dermatologist.

3. Head Lice

   The itchy scalp that is giving you sleepless nights might be more than dandruff. It could be that bane of hair health- head lice. Lice are contagious. If someone has them and you end up sharing their comb or even their headphones, their towel or their pillow or just gave them a hug, chances are very high of your head being their next home. Over the counter, medicated shampoos prove to be effective. If the infestation continues, consult a doctor.

4. Eczema

   In Eczema, the skin becomes dry, red and patchy. In severe cases, it might start cracking as well. The problem starts as small patches but if not treated in time, the problem may exacerbate. It can be treated with medicines.

5. Psoriasis

   In this condition, the scalp attains a red, flaky appearance with crusty areas of skin that seem to have scales. In severe cases, the patches may get sore. It is a long-term condition in which the severity of the disease will wax and wane. Some people just produce more skin cells than others. The excess cells lead to a buildup and these look like patches. Psoriasis is considered to be an auto-immune disease. Genetics play a huge role in this condition. It is not a contagious condition but medical attention is needed to improve Psoriasis symptoms.