Hair Removal

Female armpit depilation in a beauty salon

Under Arm Plus, Underarm Odor Removal Service

No more concern regarding odor, which can make you lose self-confidence.

Using new technology that removes the origin of  odor.

  • Technique used for odor removal

There are several technique. To solve this problem such as injection or medical equipments depend on doctor.

It uses medical equipment that penetrates under the skin in the armpit area, It releases radio waves to reduce odor gland function. After treatment, you may feel tense under the arms for 2 - 3 days. The amount of treatments are required based on the strength of the oder before treatment and the doctor.

  • Treatment Result.

It works with approximately 70-80% of patients. The cause of odor not only derives from the odor glands, but also from sweating and hairs. Therefore, if you need full effective treatment, hair removal is needed because bacteria accumulate inside the hair follicles and reacts, with causes the body odor. If hair removal is performed with this treatment, the result will be 80-90% effective.

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