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Cosmetic Surgery : Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty; The nose is the most important organ that can enhance the overall features of the

face for distinction and beauty. Now

Rhiniplasty is very popular, particularly rhiniplasty with silicone, because it is a safe and fast method.

Additionally, the silicone is adjustable as required or compatible with the face structure of each individual,

it also reduces the risk of inflammation.

Rhinoplasty is generally divided into two groups, namely;

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Is an aesthetic enhancement for a flat or unproportionate nose bridge, it is commonly found

among Asian people.

Excision Rhinoplasty



Is an aesthetic reduction of a nose bridge, both of the nose bone and the cartilage, which may be

too protruding. It is commonly found in European, Indian and Middle Eastern people.

What are the procedures of Augmentation Rhinoplasty?

Augmentation Rhinoplasty begins with a scalpel cut through the skin inside the nostrls and then a

small tool is used to open the small hole at the area of the nasal bone in order to support the

silicone at the level used in medication. The silicone will be reshaped and adjusted properly and

natural in order to be compatible with face structure of each individual. Afterwards, the incision is

closed with stitches hidden inside the nostrits.

How to adjust the shape of nose to look beautiful

- Nose reduction is another method to help reshaping wide nasal wings.

How does the surgery take?

- About 30 minutes with the use of local anesthetics.