Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic lip, mouth thin taper spittoon.

Oral Surgery, Oral spittoon mouth wishbone some may be new to many people. But for the surgery is so popular that the transverse pitch. For a long time The initial oral surgery to help fix up and adjustment disorders occur. And oral solution To those who suffered To help with the problem of such an asymmetrical shape of the mouth. Fixing bugs is beautiful.

After oral surgery Resolves bugs that are happening and reassure those who suffer such problems. As a result, oral surgery spittoon mouth wishbone mouth some more widely accepted. The girls and boys who care about beauty and want to transform their handsome looks good, he does not fail to make oral surgery. Until now, surgery spittoon mouth mouth mouth wishbone some popular Called hit the Top Chart on both boys and girls. And do not miss to plan surgery spittoon mouth mouth wishbone some as one of the 10 things to do and more important as the surgery.

Forgot the disciples oral surgery need to know?

Is the question that everyone must ask before surgery. If the customers do not ask Your doctor will inform you at all times to achieve understanding. Because of the surgery, some oral pinion spittoon mouth is very delicate. Requires expertise and experience directly because some oral surgery spittoon mouth, mouth to mouth texture wings made thinner. Can not make the mouth with thick intact. So with the delicate first doctor to do. Your doctor will talk to the customer to make a thorough oral surgery spittoon mouth mouth some wings out pretty good and it was straight to the customer's expectations.

Every time before surgery spittoon mouth, mouth to mouth some pinion design?

The surgery mouth spittoon mouth wishbone some mouth is sensitive. Before you design I must make it clear to customers that the meat in a plastic mouth. Only a small area with very little meat compared to other regions. If surgery spittoon mouth, mouth to mouth some wings a little thinner then. Can not make the same large but have made little thinner than ever. So you need to understand Matches

After the client decides to do oral surgery, then your doctor will draw a spittoon mouth mouth mouth wishbone some customers to view and discuss the details until the mouth of satisfied customers in the design. Your doctor will explain the procedure done for.

Surgery spittoon mouth mouth mouth wishbone some different?

The difference in oral surgery spittoon mouth wishbone some different mouth shapes and how to sew, so if a customer likes the look of oral surgery. One must clearly inform your doctor. In most cases, customers who do oral surgery. Spittoon mouth to mouth some wings and go and do it.

It is true that not everyone can do oral surgery spittoon mouth to mouth some wings?

Oral surgery is not suitable for people aged more. It's not that I do not have because you do not make it but do not, because by the time a lot more. The change is more visible on the face as well, especially around the mouth. Mouth to mouth hanging and fall naturally. Do not be shaped as desired. In the case of very old people really want to do. You will be made in conjunction with a face lift. To the face and neck is tightening. Lips will be raised accordingly. This makes surgery mouth spittoon mouth wishbone some pretty mouth and not waste time and money by not seeing results.

There was also a problem of some doctors do not recommend surgery mouth. I do not see results

  1. those with thin lips. Not suitable for oral surgery. Some are very thin mouth and wanted to make some more. You just have to look and analyze some people do not really.
  2. Those who have left the mouth as well. Not suitable for oral surgery. For the mouth either higher or mouth two sides are not equal. If the customer interested and really want to do. Your doctor will advise clients to rectify the inequality of the two sides of the mouth simultaneously.
  3. People with problems like gum texture. Time not right for me to see gum surgery spittoon mouth mouth mouth some wings.
  4. people with mouth upside down. For the mouth upside down to look into the mouth. If customers do not really care and surgery performed only spittoon.

Surgery spittoon mouth mouth mouth wishbone some take long?

In fact, after talking about the mouth now. Your doctor will do before anesthesia for about 5-10 minutes and then start doing. Do not take long, just 30 minutes for oral surgery and another 30 minutes on the bottom lip surgery. Overall, it takes about one hour to one hour and a half to do oral surgery. Was completed, but most doctors take the design stage and talking to customers.

Step care after surgery spittoon mouth mouth mouth some wings?

After surgery mouth, you should pay attention to such issues. The lips are shaped and free from infection following.

  1. Clean mouth with mouthwash only (Isodine) because spittoon mouth after mouth surgery, your doctor will give customers some mouth wishbone suspension of the teeth during the first 5-7 days after surgery. The use of hang-notch solution to help clean and reduce postoperative infections.
  2. Add extra moisture and the wax-type disinfectants. The wax will help add moisture to the skin around the mouth and then surgery. It also helps with sterilization
  3. Avoid touching the handle To handle the wound To lick wounds The relief valve and pulling silk suture the wound will bleed easily.
  4. cold and hot compresses Ice the injured area of ​​oral surgery during the first 1-3 days to reduce swelling and pain of the wounds caused by the bruise and swelling on the wound, then make a hot compress to the fanatical blood is dispersed.
  5. Drink boiled water by tube. After oral surgery To help avoid blisters water.
  6. Avoid foods hot and cold foods that are spicy. Eat soft foods such as porridge, gruel, but should not eat while hot.
  7. Reduce the scars with topical scar. After the cut, then you should use a topical cream and massage the scar for a mouth.
  8. Use a normal life After surgery and cut my mouth, whether it is a spittoon mouth wishbone some customers lipstick mouth. And make-up as usual and talk to smile without worry because he would talk to his mouth faster.

Side effects that may occur from oral surgery?

Side effects of surgery mouth, mostly. Whether the pinion mouth some oral surgery spittoon mouth often have side effects. Most problems are usually caused after the client may not be desirable. Want some more mouth Want to appear glamorous mouth In most cases, your doctor will recommend a mouth to the front and right. After surgery, some oral mouth spittoon mouth wishbone and then, over time, about three months mouth to mouth is pretty, but over time indefinitely. Customers are older mouth is thinner than ever. Because collagen mouth to shrink, but increasing age. This is why sometimes you have to make for some customers, some as much as possible. The other problem is that it is not always have crooked tilt unequal. Because of the experience of the doctor and refinement. The meticulous with Causing few problems

Oral Surgery, Oral spittoon mouth wishbone some help horoscope, right?

There are many customers who do oral surgery spittoon mouth mouth wishbone Some doctors tell you that I do in the mouth beautiful. Teller recommend surgery spittoon (Catch money Catch Yu), which offers customers many say was that the surgery would spittoon mouth mouth mouth wishbone some reasons for this. In addition to a girly cuteness and a fresh look to help finance. Which generally have some top notch lower than the mouth about half.

It is said that the mouth of a plastic spittoon mouth wishbone mouth some more women?

Statistics from the patient after three years, when three years ago, customers do oral surgery spittoon mouth B. Bird mouth thin women 70% and men 30%, and the statistics last year, as a 60% and men 40%. Current year six months ago. Statistics is a 50% and 50% men.

Cosmetic Surgery : Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty; The nose is the most important organ that can enhance the overall features of the face for distinction and beauty. Now

       Rhiniplasty is very popular, particularly rhiniplasty with silicone, because it is a safe and fast method. Additionally, the silicone is adjustable as required or compatible with the face structure of each individual, it also reduces the risk of inflammation.

Rhinoplasty is generally divided into two groups, namely;

  • Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Is an aesthetic enhancement for a flat or unproportionate nose bridge, it is commonly found among Asian people.

  • Excision Rhinoplasty

Is an aesthetic reduction of a nose bridge, both of the nose bone and the cartilage, which may be too protruding. It is commonly found in European, Indian and Middle Eastern people.

  • What are the procedures of Augmentation Rhinoplasty?

Augmentation Rhinoplasty begins with a scalpel cut through the skin inside the nostrls and then a small tool is used to open the small hole at the area of the nasal bone in order to support the silicone at the level used in medication. The silicone will be reshaped and adjusted properly and natural in order to be compatible with face structure of each individual. Afterwards, the incision is closed with stitches hidden inside the nostrits.

  • How to adjust the shape of nose to look beautiful
  • Nose reduction is another method to help reshaping wide nasal wings.
  • How does the surgery take?
  • About 30 minutes with the use of local anesthetics.



Double Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery ; Double Eyelid Surgery Eyes are an important part of the face. The beauty of the eyes is naturally gorgeous. If you have round and beautiful eyes, you will have more confidence

  • How is suitable for the upper and lower eyelid surgery?

As we age the skin will lose its firmness and elasticity, this includes the skin around the eyes. The skin around this area is able to droop and pull the upper eyelid skin downward or hide the double eyes properly. As well as less beauty on your face, your eyesight will be narrower. It reduces the efficiency of vision. Additionally, the upper eyelashes rub against the eyes, which can cause conjunctivitis and eye allergies.

  • Drooping Eyelids ;

Trim out the swelling and excess eyelid skin and then close the incisions with non-absorbable sutures. Remove the non-absorbable sutures within 5-6 day. This helps your eye layers look more outstanding. The surgery takes about 30 minutes

Nowadays, we provide the latest technology of double eyelid surgery, which is easy, quick and beautiful. It is called “ Lunch-time blepharoplasty” It takes about 20 minutes and patients can return to their routine activities as normal without any injuries. You double eyelid will look more natural