Why do HIFU with us? 1

Why do HIFU with us? 1
HIFU At most clinics, skin tightening and facial lifts are standardised procedures. that facial rejuvenation needs to be individualised, from laser procedures to HIFU face lifts. What would be an ideal approach for one patient is not necessarily the same for someone else. During consultation,
HIFU will perform a close examination of your face, to help you better understand which areas of the face can benefit most from HIFU.has had the honour of being invited by Ultraformer manufacturer, Classys, This allowed him to move away from standard protocols and develop
HIFU his own techniques for individualised HIFU procedures.At the same time, he was invited Microaesthetic Surgery Anatomy Masterclass hands-on practicals, which helped him recognise the specific anatomy of the facial layer. This was crucial in helping him formulate his own technique of facial tightening
From his training has developed a technique that yields impressive results for double chin and jowl reduction in just one treatment.Choose the right HIFUThere are only a handful of approved HIFU procedures that are certified to be operated by a trained doctor in Singapore.
Although many beauty salons also offer ‘HIFU’ procedures, these procedures or machines are not medical grade A HIFU procedure performed at beauty salons might not only yield unsatisfactory results, but could also cause more damage than benefits if performed incorrectly.
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