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Ulthera Treatment Technology, It is The latest innovation in dermatology. User to lift the skin to tighter. Ultherapy use a technology heat to deep beneath the skin. Targeted joints of the upper muscular layer(SMAS),which other Technologies are currently unable to perform, except for surgical surgenes. Ulthera pass this heat into small spots with a distanco between point. Equally about 1 mm ,

Ulthera takes only 30-60 minutes depends on the area. At the time of treament with ulthera. Ultrasound waves inte the subcutaneous tissue. You will feel like spike on the skin and will feel warm under the skin.

Ulthera is good for people with skin sagging around the face,sagging cheeks,facial lines are not clear,reduee wattle under the chin. Those who want to reduce wrinkkles reduee wattle.There is a Uniformity of energy that goes Below the surface. It can also be deep down to the location where treament is needed.Those who need to tighten the face to taper face .those who want to lift the skin without surgery with only one treament, theresults can be as satisfying for 1-2 years without surgical wound and no recovery time.

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