Sweet Pea and Mint Soup detox

  1. Sweet Pea and Mint Soup detox

Peas are often detox  thought of as a side dish, detox  and nothing more. detox  But they are very detox  nutritious, and their nutrition increases detox  when they are paired with a cleansing herb like mint. They’re also using a good amount of ginger here, detox  so you’re getting the astringent detox  qualities it possesses, detox  and also the flavor it adds to any dish. detox  The nice part about this recipe is detox  that it calls for frozen peas. detox  It’s super easy to find organic peas in the frozen vegetables section of your grocery store or supermarket. Keeping a detox  spare bag detox  of them around is a great way to detox  add them to meals more. detox