Shredded Vegetable Detox Salad

  1. Shredded Vegetable Detox Salad

– Here’s a salad that  Detox  shreds everything  Detox  up so that it’s all mixed  Detox  together and easier to chew. When you’re talking about things like broccoli and cauliflower, that’s a good things  Detox  as these veggies are notorious for taking a lot of crunching power.  Detox  The recommendation  Detox  of making a big batch  Detox  and eating on it for the next few days is a good one, and to overcome the dryness they suggest drizzling  Detox  olive oil and lemon juice,  Detox  two additional ingredients that will help the detox cause, not hurt it. Overall this salad  Detox  makes a great food item to have  Detox  around anytime you need a pick me up.  Detox