HIFU Treatment IEO is the most advanced developing Center in using HIFU technology for cancer treatment in the West. HIFU is a cutting-edge, non-invasive technology, developed in China for destroying cancer without scalpels, irradiation or needles. Interventional Radiology
in IEO has the largest number of HIFU cancer treatments in western countries. This huge success is the result of the Institute’s investment in the development of Interventional Radiology in Oncology, consistent with its philosophy aimed from the beginning
The possibility to focus the HIFU beam into a targettothanks to the ultrasound the development and promotion of new treatments based on the “minimal effective” concept, thus guaranteeing treatment maximum efficacy while protecting the patient’s quality of life.
imaging, allows for the treatment of solid tumors inside the body in a very precise way and without percutaneous needle insertion or surgical cuts. How does it work The HIFU device is composed of a bed where the patient is laying in the more suitable position for the treatment:
prone, supine or lateral position. In the center of the bed there, a tank containing purified water, the medium where sound waves spread from the HIFU source (called transducer) to the patient’s skin until they will reach, very precisely, the target to be treated.
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