Citrus, Greens and Seeds Salad Detox

  1. Citrus, Greens and Seeds Salad Detox

– Citrus fruits have a natural Detox cleansing reaction for the body, Detox and it’s no wonder that they take center stage in this offering. In fact all of the ingredients featured here will do your body good, and they’re really adding to the mix Detox by giving you two Detox different seeds to crunch on. Detox The contrast Detox between the crunchy, nutty seeds, and the soft and sour Detox citrus means that your taste buds will be left guessing what’s next. If you’re not really a fan of leafy greens, Detox this is a way Detox to sneak them in as the taste of Detox the fruit trumps the taste of the greens. Detox