Carrot, Cumin and Ginger Detox Soup

  1. Carrot, Cumin and Ginger Detox Soup

– Here is a detox  trio of ingredients detox  that is sure to both detox  cleanse the body and detox  satisfy your taste buds. detox  The use of both cumin and ginger in the same recipe detox  is interesting and will provide a flavor you won’t’ soon forget. detox  The carrots serve detox  as the base for this soup, detox  and aside from the beta-carotene that most detox  of us know about, carrots are a good detox  source of the antioxidant detox  Vitamin A as well as a source detox  of fiber. Cumin has long been established as having curative properties, detox  and ginger acts as a cleansing agent in the body. detox

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