6 Incredible Benefits of the Lemon Detox Diet4

6 Incredible Benefits of the Lemon Detox Diet4

  1. Mental Clarity Detox

If you’ve ever suffered Detox from the post-lunch brain fog Detox self-induced food coma, then you’ll know first hand the effect that some meals can have on you. Since you stop eating solid foods and are only relying on the special lemonade to get you through the day, you’ll find that you’re more mentally alert for much of the day. Detox

The first few days you may not experience any mental clarity, Detox since your thoughts will most likely be centered on being hungry and thinking about food all the time. But once the initial panic of not eating goes Detox away, you should have a newfound or regained sense of mental focus. Detox

This is one benefit that may not be experienced by Detox everyone, especially if you don’t currently feel that you lack mental clarity. Detox

Why it works: There is a strong Detox connection between the food you eat and your mental state, and cutting out the food gives your mind a new perception. Detox



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