6 Incredible Benefits of the Lemon Detox Diet3

6 Incredible Benefits of the Lemon Detox Diet3

  1. More Energy

When you stop consuming foods and Detox beverages that can sap your energy, the natural result will be that you have more energy. This includes large portion Detox sizes, foods and drinks high in sugar and fat, and caffeinated beverages that give you an artificial burst of energy. Detox

It may sound Detox counterintuitive that you’d have more energy on a cleanse that restricts your caloric intake, since you need calories Detox to burn up as energy. Of course it may take a few days before you experience this, after hunger pangs subside and you adjust to the cleanse. Detox

The lighter, Detox more buoyant Detox feeling you have while doing any cleanse that requires you stop eating will also make you more likely to Detox have some get-up-and-go while on the lemon detox diet. Detox

Why it works: Detox You won’t be bogged down by heavy meals, so you’ll feel lighter and you’ll still have sugar to burn from the maple syrup used in the lemonade mix. Detox